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2017 Summary


In Kenya, many old folks have no family to look after them and no hope of government assistance. They are often abandoned by the side of the road and even left to die.


With your help Mission Africa can give these senior citizens safety and peace, dignity and security in a loving Christian environment by building a new dormitory to house around 20 – 30 men.


The state of Bihar in India is the very worst area in the entire world for cataract blindness. Second Sight is a charity operating here to restore sight to these poor people and indeed eradicate cataract blindness in this area by 2020. Over ¼ million people of all ages have already had their sight restored! We hope, with your support, to fund over 800 of these operations this year.


In TA Malili in rural Malawi over 50% of the population are under 18. Many children have lost one or both parents to AIDS-related illnesses and are in the care of older siblings or elderly grandmothers. It's a daily struggle to survive.


E3 Initiative are helping to build a Health Clinic for under-fives to give medical care to the children and educate their mothers to improve the health and well-being of families. Children attending the clinic will need treatment for malnutrition, HIV, Malaria, TB and common tropical diseases. With the right health care and support, these children can recover and live stronger and healthier lives.


In Tanzania there is little opportunity for children to progress beyond primary school at age 13. In the rural areas the pass rate for the National Exam can be as low as 1 in 9. Those who do not pass are deemed failures, forced to marry and start a family, work in the fields for a small wage and follow in their parents’ footsteps living in poverty.


With your help Kids4School hope to extend their Vocational Training Unit to offer courses to these children such as sewing, welding, computer studies, woodwork and agriculture to better equip them for employment and offer an alternative route out of poverty.


Bushfire village in Zambia is currently home to 90 orphans: the majority of whom have been orphaned due to the HIV crisis in Africa.  They seek to provide a safe & secure home for the orphans, as well as an on-site primary school.  


With your help Bushfire hope to purchase 2 solar water pumps to provide water to the farmland from the river in order to grow tomatoes, etc. to sell and eventually help to make the Bushfire Children's village more self-sufficient.


The Tharaka women in Kenya walk many miles to the river to get water. They fill 20 litre plastic containers with river water and carry them home by placing them on their back with a rope around the container and their forehead.


With your help BREAD hope to provide the Tharaka people with forty more PVC rain water tanks. These tanks are especially useful in the rainy season because at this time the rivers turn brown in colour with contamination from the ground around them and make the people sick.


180,000 people in Malawi require compassionate, end-of-life care but only a fraction of them receive it. Malawians are suffering from devastating diseases, such as cancer, and need our help. No one should suffer from terminal illness and disease alone.


You can help to bring relief and comfort to 60,000 people, who are some of the poorest people in the world, by helping fund an ambulance for Emms International’s partner, David Gordon Memorial Hospital, and helping them to be by the side of people who desperately need palliative care.


The Central African Republic (CAR) is the second poorest country in the world. Women in CAR are severely disadvantaged: many suffer from violence, stigmatisation and discrimination and are rarely educated, meaning they are frequently cheated by men giving or demanding incorrect change or overcharging in the market.


Tearfund’s project will enable women to increase their income and improve their livelihood security through literacy and numeracy training, vocational training and help to set up small businesses. It will also tackle the harmful social and cultural attitudes which have allowed so many women to suffer sexual and gender based violence (SGBV).


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