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2016 Summary


Bread for Kenya.  Supply of rainwater tanks for the Tharaka people in Kenya. There are approximately 120.000 Tharaka people who are extremely poor, with many of them suffering from malnutrition and amoebic dysentery, the latter caused by drinking dirty water.


E3 Initiative.  Start a chicken-rearing farm.  The work will be part of the local mission of Truevine Community Church in St Pietermaritzburg and Harding in Kwa-Zulu-Natal, S. Africa.  They hope to rear 1,500 chickens every 7 weeks and these will be sold at affordable prices.  Presently, the locals have to travel 30 km to buy chicken meat.  The farm will create 16 jobs for women as well as one for a night watchman.  It is suggested that 9,000 locals will benefit from this proposal in terms of less travel and cheaper chickens.  Also, the profits will be used to increase the number of orphans currently being supported in that area by E3 from 50 to 250!  The chicken dung will be used as garden manure.


EMMS Intl.  In Chhatarpur, in Madhya Pradesh, one of India’s poorest States, there are approximately 94 neonatal deaths per 1,000 live births! The figure for England and Wales is 2.8!  The mortality rate for mothers, some as young as twelve, is 386 for every 100,000 births.  In the UK, it is 8!  One of the problems is that the local hospital, Christian Hospital Chhatarpur, does not have enough equipment.  Last year we helped to fund the purchase of cradles, breathing machines and labour tables and beds. This year they EMMS Intl. want us to help fully meet the cost of all the equipment needed for the same department/hospital.  This includes part of the cost of an ultrasound scanner and a solar water heater for the laundry room.


Kids4school are planning to build a Christian Academy in Tanzania, comprising a Primary, Secondary and Vocational Schools and a Church.  Our previous grant in 2014 was for a borehole for the site.  They are up to sub-floor level on the Primary School (Their first build) and have asked us for a grant to continue with this project. The Primary School will house approximately 175 pupils.  There will be Standard 1 to Standard 7 with around 25 pupils in each class. 


Life-line Ministries have been working in Kenya for 15 years. They have applied for  funding to replace a temporary corrugated tin classroom with a proper one for 35 children.


Second Sight is working in the worst area in the world for cataract blindness; Bihar State in India.  So far, over one quarter of a million people there have had their sight restored through cataract surgery.  Because 100% of all donations is spent on surgical procedures, sight can be restored for approximately £15.00.  Second Sight aims to eradicate cataract blindness in Bihar State by the end of the year 2020.


Tearfund is asking for help to renovate, furbish and supply teaching materials for a school in Beirut.  The school will be for 60 Syrian and Iraqi refugee children who don’t go to school as the Lebanese schools are full. Many of these children have been traumatised by what they have seen, and been forced to see.  The children will be taught basic numeracy and literacy skills.  Also, given the prevalence of child abuse and exploitation, the protective aspect of this project will provide training for children in how to identify and report instances of abuse and maltreatment, in addition to offering essential psychosocial support.


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