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Second Sight India

Radio Cracker's donation funded Dr.Samuel's surgery this year at Bamdah Christian Mission Hospital in Bihar, India.

Bamdah is our most secluded partner hospital in Bihar serving a huge area in need. Living accommodation is basic. In September Second Sight’s Andy Richards took his experienced surgical hands there to help resident surgeon Dr. Samuel Murmu. He returned again before the end of the year.

The little boy is called Sibdhan Madhani and is 7years-old. His parents noticed that there were white areas in what should be black pupils in both his eyes and that the child was showing signs of not being able to see. They were right-- he had congenital cataract.

They were turned away by hospitals in the state of Jharkhand where they live but then heard about Bamdah. The travelled over the border to Bihar and Dr.Samuel performed the cataract surgery on the left eye with good results. They will return for surgery on other other eye.

Dr.Samuel's team are doing well in their targeted area of Chakai in Bihar in which they hope to totally eradicate cataract blindness. There is no other charitable or government hospital doing this work.

Sibdhan on the ward.JPGSibdhan with Dad after surgery.JPGSibdhan pre-op.JPGDSC_04361.JPG

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