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Final Total

£ 56,000









E3 Initiative

Radio Cracker donated £10,000 to the work of E3 Initiative's partner, Key Ministry International (KMI) in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. The funds have been spent on developing a Cassava farm and starting a second microfinance group in a township called France.


In August the Cassava plants were starting to produce leaves. Cassava leaves and roots are used for food in most countries in East and Southern Africa. These photos show the progress made by Key Ministry with the funds from Radio Cracker.




As per the budget, Key Ministry managed to purchase a vehicle. They bought a bigger second hand vehicle, which is in good condition, to enable them to drive safely on untarred roads that lead to the Cassava farm.


The vehicle is a huge asset to KMI. It is mostly used to transport people and farm materials to and from the farm, and also church members to their homes after the Sunday Church service. It has even been used to transport the sick within the refugee community to the hospital.


One of the photos below shows Revd Samson standing by the fence that is being put up to prevent cattle and goats from neighbouring farms destroying the Cassava crops. All materials for the fencing were bought with funds from Radio Cracker and transported to the farm using the KMI vehicle.




The funding from Radio Cracker has also helped to initiate a second E3 Microfinance group in France Township, a place known for xenophobic attacks against refugees. Several refugees have been brutally murdered in this township. The group consists of refugee women who were trained by KMI staff and are now starting small businesses so they can provide for their families.

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