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  1. Chinchpada Christian Hospital is a community hospital in a remote rural area in northern India, serving some of the poorest people, living in 938 different villages.  75% of the village families live on less than $1.25 per day.  Over 50% of the girls are married before they are 18 years old and infant mortality is about sixteen times that in the UK.  Despite having to close part of the hospital due to general decay leading to unsanitary and unfit conditions, the hospital still managed, last year, to care for 1,600 inpatients, 6,000 outpatients and to deliver 200 babies and to carry out 400 surgical procedures.  If you support Radio Cracker this year, then we will give EMMS International £9,500.00 to rebuild the Medical Surgical Wards and to harvest and store rainwater for the hospital’s use.


  1. 40% of the world’s blind population live in India.  About 75% of these blind people can be cured by a simple cataract operation costing around £18.00. Second Sight works in Bihar State in India and hopes to cure up to 60,000 blind people this year.  All their professionals are volunteers and nothing is spent on administration, salaries or publicity. Close your eyes for a second or two and imagine what it would be like if you were permanently blind…..and then please think seriously about helping Radio Cracker to give Second Sight £4,500.00 so that 250 blind people can see again.


  1. There is a village in Tanzania, called Samaria. About 331 people live there, and of those, 83 are lepers.  Samaria is a leper colony.  There is no electricity, no easily accessible clean water, poor sanitation and everyone sleeps on the ground.  The people are largely shunned by the surrounding villagers.  Come to the Radio Cracker Christmas Shop.  Look at the photograph on the wall of John the Leper and try not to feel sorry for him.  But sometimes, and this is one of them, when ‘sorry’ doesn’t help.  The Leprosy Mission is desperately trying to improve the lives of these poor people and Radio Cracker, with your support, will give them this year £12,500.00 to sink a borehole in the village so that there may be safe drinking water for everyone.  And perhaps even more importantly, everyone in Samaria will know that they are not forgotten and that someone cares for them!


  1. In Guatemala, five of the ten leading causes of death are water related diseases.  43% of infant deaths are caused by diarrhoea.  In a country with the fourth highest malnutrition rate in the world, parasites transferred by waterborne contamination are consuming the nutrition children need!  Do you think about any of this as you drink water from your tap or bottle?  Probably not, but it is good that someone is thinking about it.  Compassion International is hoping to give, and train 200 families in the use of, water filter units.  These remove 99.9 % of bacterial contaminants in water and literally will last a lifetime.  Please help Radio Cracker to meet the £10,000.00 cost of these units and save the lives of hundreds of children!


  1. In a remote part of the jungle in Ecuador, there is a small native community in a place called Kiim.  About four years ago, HCJB (which stands for ‘Heralding Jesus Christ’s Blessings’) cleaned up the village well and installed a manual pump.  This worked well for a couple of years until it over-corroded in the acidic jungle water.  Since then, the villagers have had to resort to collecting water from the nearest stream with all the associated hardship and health problems.  HCJB, like all the relief organisations, are now realising that clean drinking water is the key to good health for such communities, as well as a practical demonstration of God’s love for them.  And so, with your help, Radio Cracker hopes to give HJCB £6,550.00 to install a solar-powered pump, a water tower and storage tank.


  1. Tulca is a small village in a poor, rural area of Romania.  There are lots of gypsy children in the village and unfortunately, the educational system is failing many of them.  Forty such children, at the village school cannot read and write and some of these are as old as fourteen.  Asociatia Tulca was founded in 2002 by a Christian Couple, John and Sylvia Marcus.  John is originally from Harryville.  They have founded an After-school Club to provide extra tuition to the gypsy children and have had wonderful success to date.  However, the demand is so great, they need to expand.  These children deserve a chance to make something of their lives, don’t they?  Will you help Radio Cracker to give Asociatia Tulca £12,000.00 to build and furbish another classroom so that more children can fulfil their potential and break out of the intergenerational poverty cycle.


  1. Imagine you are a bright child but that your ‘home’ is in the slums of Delhi.  How do you make something of your life?  How do you satisfy your thirst for knowledge?  Who will help you?  Well, an organisation called Asha has been trying to do just that since it was founded in 1988.  It works with over 400,000 people in 50 slum colonies.  Many of us have seen these slums on TV and they are truly horrendous.  But from these terrible conditions, do emerge bright and gifted young people.  This year, Asha wants to support 18 such young people through second and third level education, and it has asked Radio Cracker for £8,100.00 to help them.  As clean water is the key to good health; so a good education is the key to escaping grinding poverty.  As good parents, we do everything to help our children get a good education.  Please give us a pound or two to help some other children also!


  1. Vision of Good Hope, Moldova is a well known and much-respected relief organisation in the Ballymena area.  For over ten years they have been looking after children in an orphanage in Moldova, called The House of Hope. Many of those children have now reached the age where they are ready to move into employment (if they can find any in this very poor country) or into third-level education.  However, they are still legally in the care of VGHM.  And so, a house adjacent to the orphanage has been bought and with your help, Radio Cracker hopes to give VGHM  £10,000.00 to fit out and furnish this half-way house for their older orphans.  Without this facility, much of the preceding ten years’ good work could be wasted.  Will you please help us to bring God’s love to these young people who have no family and who need someone to help them.   If you don’t help them, who will?
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