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Second Site

In 2010, £13,500  was given to the charity “Second Sight” to carry out 900 cataract operations in India. Charity founder, Lucy Mathen, was in India in August 2010, and met one of the children who underwent an operation to get back his sight, and she was told by his teacher that he is now top of his class in school – a wonderful story of new hope for that young boy.

The man in this picture is 32year-old Dr Shiva, an eye surgeon living in the state of Orissa in India. The woman is ophthalmologist Dr Lucy Mathen from the London-based charity Second Sight. The boys are 9year-old Subala Suna and 12year-old Ranjit Bariha. Both were blind and had their sight restored by cataract surgery. Lucy met Dr Shiva and discovered that: - He had single-handedly cured 6,000 blind people in the past year - He had offered all the surgery free of charge - He took no salary and sleeps on the floor of his office - He works from 4.30am till midnight most days. Why?

Shiva comes from a poor family himself. So he has dedicated his life as an ophthalmologist to eradicating blindness from his home area where up to half the population lives on less than 15pence a day. With his surgical skills he could be earning a fortune in one of India’s wealthy cities (where 80 per cent of eye surgeons work in private practice). Second Sight seeks out doctors like Dr Shiva who are actually curing the blind. Second Sight's own experienced volunteer surgeons also work alongside teams like Dr Shiva’s and cure the blind themselves.

Second Sight does not spend one penny of donated money on office costs. Second Sight is run by volunteers. So our money goes straight to the hospital where the operation is carried out, and in 2010 Radio Cracker supported Gems Hospital, an evangelical Christian hospital in India. Find out more about Second Sight at their website

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