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Mission Africa


In 2010 Radio Cracker members Drew Robinson and Adrian Pogue visited some of the Mission Africa projects in Nigeria which have been supported in previous years, and they were most impressed by the way in which those donations were put to good use. In 2010 we were glad to be able to again support the wheelchair project in Jos for victims of polio with a £7,500 donation, and it was a very special morning when they visited the workshop where the wheelchairs were being made, and spoke with some of the men working there. Emmanuel, David and Edison are all victims of polio, and were busy putting together the bearings for the handlebars of the wheelchair when we arrived. Emmanuel was keen to explain how getting his wheelchair for the first time had transformed his life. He could now go to church, and go to work, providing an income for his family, and he wanted to make sure that we would bring his thanks to all those here in Ballymena who had made it possible for him and so many others to get a second start in life. In the afternoon, they attended the presentation of nine new wheelchairs to needy individuals.

Next day, was a visit to Gyero farm and school, bought with donations from Radio Cracker some years ago. Here, boys and girls are provided with an education and training in a trade which they can use to support themselves when they leave. Last year, money from Radio Cracker went towards the building of a dormitory on the Gyero site, and it is now up to roof level. In 2010 we were able to donate £1,500, which they hoped to use to bring water from the standpipe into all the buildings in the compound, and provide more toilet facilities for the children there.

Later in the trip they travelled down to Ogugu – over 8 hours by car south of Jos – to see some of the work being carried out by Mission Africa there. Advance is the name of the project run by Billy and Linda Abwa in the area looking after vulnerable children and people with HIV/Aids. Adrian and Drew witnessed the excellent work being carried out in the Donegore Centre in Ogugu – funded and supported by folk from 2nd Donegore church. There is an after school club, testing facilities for HIV/Aids, facilities for eye testing and provision of glasses where necessary, and they also have a sponsorship scheme for 96 children at present, which provides shelter, food, medicine and schooling for a child for just £10 per month, and there is a waiting list of over 160 other children. In 2010 we donated £7,000which will go towards completing some accommodation, pipe water from the proposed borehole in to the houses, and help support the children on t

he waiting list. 

Further details of these and other Mission Africa projects can be found on their websites –

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